California Market for Online Poker Amounts to $384 Million

california pokerIn a recent research by Academicon and PokerScout, it was found out that California can churn out revenues from online poker to the tune of $263 million for its first year only. For the 10th year, the state can earn as much as $384 million. Data for the research was culled from 2009 and 2010 online poker players who play with real money. The study revealed that a total of 178,300 online players came from California and provided average annual revenue of $867 for poker operators which can result to a market worth $155 million. According to poker articles, California online poker players account for 4% of global online poker revenues and 16% of US online poker revenues.

According to one of the researchers, Professor Kahlil Philander, online poker can grow more if regulated. Only California is expected to flourish in online poker because it is the largest market in the United States of America. According to another researcher, Dr. Ingo Fiedler, the size of the online poker market can decide whether to limit online poker within the state or allow it to join the global or federal pool of online poker players. If California decides to have its own pool of online poker players, it may earn $120 million less than previously expected. The research also pointed out that taxes will have a great impact on how large the California market for online poker will be.

California earned the distinction of being the center of online poker because the state has a lot of card clubs which offer a lot of tournament action and prizes.

How To Play Online Poker In California

Poker is very popular in the state. There are also a lot of California-based poker players in world poker championships. There are also so many online poker articles emanating from California. Therefore, it is safe to point out that California has the most number of online poker players as compared to other US states. Californians are encouraged to play online poker from reputable sites only so that they can be assured of a fair game. It is best to search for an online poker site which is regulated and licensed in its jurisdiction.

Californians can sign up with any US online poker rooms because, unlike in Maryland and New York, online poker isn’t banned in the state. They can join all legal online poker sites within the United States of America. According to Nelson Rose, a gambling law expert, a poker game where the rake is percentage-based on the pot may be illegal in the State of California based on Section 330 of the California code. However, a fixed rate rake in poker may not be illegal under the anti-gambling laws of the state. However, gambling operators must be licensed in California for online poker to be legal. It is interesting to note that it may be a crime in California to encourage other people to play online poker if the game itself is illegal,

The gambling laws in California aren’t just influenced by the state but by the local community as well. It is possible for legal attitudes to vary in different cities and towns within the State of California. However, online poker isn’t mentioned in any California law. There is also no specific provision on online betting in online poker. It is important for anyone who wishes to play online poker to check the law first so that he’ll know what is considered legal or illegal under California laws.

california online pokerRegulating Online Poker In California

The State of California will surely regulate online poker but no one knows when it will be. It is considered to be the most promising and largest market for online poker not only in the United States of America but in the whole world as well. Regulation is sure to take place because of the huge amount of prize money at stake. The State of California has yet to regulate online poker because it has different opposing players so it is difficult to come up with an agreement regarding the online poker structure so that every stakeholder has his equal risk and reward.

Also, it is expected for the other states to influence California’s online poker regulation especially if the various opposing groups see the growth of online poker in other states. This will probably cause California to act and regulate online poker. Currently, Senator Wright has a pending bill on legal online poker. There is also the Pechanga Online Poker Bill which is being pushed by 8 California tribes.

How Gambling In California Came About

Gambling became popular in California when gold was found within its territory. There were licensed and unregulated gambling which competed for the Californian’s hard earned dollar. When the reputation of gambling declined in the United States of America, gambling also became unpopular in the state. However, there were still wagering and betting on the sidelines. In 1933, horse racing was introduced and run by the state. It became the start of regulating all forms of gambling in California.

In California, an individual can choose from different regulated gambling alternatives. Online betting on horse races is regulated by the state. Therefore, it is expected that online poker will soon be regulated as well. Commerce Casino is touted to be the biggest live poker room not only in the United States of America but in the whole world as well. It offers the best cash games all year round. There are also major tournaments scheduled at Commerce Casino.

The US Gambling Law website can offer information on state and gambling laws. It also has a fantastic article about the legality of California’s online poker. The California Gambling Commission can also provide resources for gambling. It offers figures and facts with regards to the different regulated gambling forms within the state of California. The state has a lot of poker players. Its yearly California State Poker Championship is proof that poker is popular in the state. As such, the regulation of online poker is to be expected soon.

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