How to choose the best poker training software?

Being an online poker player gives you an advantage over live games. First of all, you can scream and shout as much as you like when you win or lose a hand. Also, you can sit in your underwear in your living room and play for a million dollar prizepool. And with all seriousness, one more advantage is that you can use a variety of poker software that can help you a great deal in making the correct decisions at the poker table and improving.

There are tons of different programs you can use as an online poker player. Some of them are designed to help you count your pot odds and make a right decision whether in calling or folding. There are also hand replayers – a piece of poker software that really helps reviewing your sessions effectively and improving. Some of the best poker software that online poker players use are called poker tracking software. These programs help you follow your poker progress, see what are your most common mistakes, review your sessions, etc. You can use it for your cash games but there are tools integrated to the poker software to aid with tournaments as well. But these tools are not free. Most of these types of poker software cost around $100 and if you are micro-stakes poker player it may seem very expensive to you at the beginning of your poker career. Let’s talk about free poker programs you can use to improve your game.

Best Free poker software: Poker Trainers

Poker trainers are exactly what it sounds like. It is a poker software that provides you with different poker situations and trains you to solve them quickly. You make a decision, are shown whether it is correct and move to another situation. Some trainers also have tools like pot odds calculators integrated. Overall, these are great applications available not only for PC’s and Macs, but now lots of versions are available on mobile devices, too. Most of these programs are free and allow you to train your poker game on the go. Not long ago, the only type of software for learning poker was poker games such as Governor of Poker or WSOP Game but with online poker boom poker training software gets more and more popular.

How to choose the best poker training software?

  1. Free – you do not have to pay for poker trainers as there are tons of free poker software of this type available and by trying a few you will easily decide which one is the best.
  2. Easy-to-use interface – the best way to determine whether your poker software is any good is to count your clicks. This goes double for mobile apps. Just count how many clicks do you have to make to make certain actions like count the odds, check equity versus opponents range, etc. It is obvious that the less click you need, the better.
  3. Additional tools – even though poker trainers are designed to mostly give you various situations and teach you to make the right decision when you play at the table, more tools included are better. A player should know not only when he should fold or call, but why he should do it as well. That’s why poker software like pot odds calculators should be included.
  4. Update possibilities – having an up-to-date poker software is always very important. If your app updates itself automatically – you have nothing to worry about.

Anyone who is even thinking about online poker should be aware of the rainbow of different poker software that they can use for their online poker tournaments as well as cash games. Some of it is absolutely free to use while even the paid programs offer free trials to try out. Do not make quick decisions, invest time in finding the best poker software that is perfect for you individually and never mind if some poker player says that a certain poker program is a bad one. It is perfect for you, it is perfect. Good luck finding your best poker software.

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