Open Face Chinese Poker Goes Online

tonybet poker ssThe Open Face Chines Poker frenzy is taking over the poker world with the game making its way through to the online community. The game which emerged among the professional poker players as a fun variation back in 2012 has now established its presence on the internet poker market and is gaining momentum.

If you’re not familiar with Open Face Chinese, the process of learning the game is very easy to grasp and, according to those who have tried, a pretty fun and exciting poker variation. The game is played between 2 to 4 players who need to set three poker hands out of 13 cards they receive during the game.

The three hands are to be arranged in a very specific order with the bottom and the middle hand consisting out of five cards while the top hand must feature just three cards. There is also a very strict hand-strength rule which states that the player’s bottom hand must be the strongest out of all three while the top hand is to be the weakest. Should the player fail to follow this rule their hand is fouled and they get no points for it.

The point system is also a unique feature in Open Face Chinese, while unlike most of the other poker variations it does not use chips to determine hand value, but rewards a predetermined amount of points from another player’s stack depending on the strength of the hand.

The game also has a number of different variations including Turbo, Classic, Regular, and Pineapple with the latter being the most popular of all four. The main difference between these is the number of cards being dealt to each player in different turns. While this does not change the main principals of the game, it has major impact on player’s strategy.

So the main question remains – where to find this game online. With a few apps available on both Google play and the App store as well as a couple of online game simulations, so far the only real money all around program is available at Tonybet Poker.

The online gaming site founded by one of the best-known players in the business, Tony G, offers both PC and Mac software versions as well as an Android app. Players can choose from a rather large supply of games, tables and limits with the buy-ins ranging from €0.02 to €5.00. Tonybet also offers Sit and Go tournaments, including freerolls where players get the chance to win real money starting from scratch.

Would you like to start your own Open Face Chinese adventure? You can start by paying Tonybet Poker a visit and checking out the games there.

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