January Water Fast - Day 1January Water Fast - Day 1

One quart of water down and 7 to go! Today starts my January Water Fast and I’ve set a goal to drink 2 gallons of water today to help kick-start my body’s detox & healing. (I’m not aiming to drink 2 gallons ever day during my fast , just today and maybe tomorrow)

I’m doing a complete/therapeutic fast – basically consuming only water for the duration of the fast. First thing in the morning I’ll have a squeeze of fresh lemon in warm water, drink as much room temperature, filtered tap water as I want, up to 1 liter of mineral water and cup of organic chamomile herbal tea before bed.

Any Supplements? I will take magnesium at night to help keep things moving in the first week and to help me sleep, as needed

How Long am I Fasting? Honestly, I don’t know. Somewhere between 14 and 40 days. One of the most important factors to fasting is listening to your body and stopping when necessary.  I have done several extended fasts previously (45 day juice fasts, 30 day bone broth fasts and 10 day water fasts) so I’m not worried about the mental commitment.

Why am I Fasting? To allow my body a break from digestion so that it can heal –Specifically addressing my Insulin Resistance and regulate my Blood Glucose. And of course, the process will obviously encourage weight loss. I am also looking forward to seeing how fasting impacts my Vitiligo (under right arm, right elbow and right wrist)