January Water Fast - Day #13January Water Fast - Day #13Well my fasting is over. And while I’m excited to get back to eating, as I mentioned before, I’m not looking forward to the chaos of a food-driven life.

Our final fasting results are pretty impressive; In 12 days of water fasting Ray and I both lost a total of 26 pounds. We were also in deep ketosis since day 3(me), 4(ray).

On Friday (day #12, my last day of fasting) I had to run some errands, I am mostly a home body, especially since the weather has been very cold lately. It became apparent that our society is partially to blame for most people’s addictions to food – your addiction to food is perhaps the biggest obstacle to success at fasting, let alone eating a healthy diet.

Food is everywhere. Every gas station, every store, we are overwhelmed with food being thrown at us. Temptations are around every corner, literally.

And if you can overcome the plethora of fast food restaurants every 10 feet and meals served at gas stations…. then you still have to deal with the new trend turning every small event into a celebration deemed worthy of cake, cookies and doughnuts.

We just all need to STOP EATING. And by that I don’t mean stop eating all together and fast – but I mean needless, pointless, excessive eating.

If you don’t “have time to eat” then, well, don’t eat. You won’t die if you miss a meal – I just skipped 36 meals and I’m only better for it.

Missing lunch on a Wednesday instead of going through a drive through and eating in your car, is a far better choice.

Eating has become a compulsion. Food is too accessible and treated too casually. Food is delicious and nourishing and should be treated as such. Eating is an event and if you aren’t making time to EAT with consciousness then your priorities are completely skewed.

Animals lives were given to feed you, farmers gave their all to fill your belly, pay homage to those sacrifices as they deserve. Stop treating food as an unconscious part of being.

What you eat determines 80+% of your health, why are so many people giving it the least focus in their lives?

And we aren’t perfect either, while we rarely eat out and even more rarely eat at fast food restaurants/gas stations/target – we still have places we need to improve. We realized while we were fasting that even we weren’t giving our meal times the focus they deserved.

I take pride in what I make for our meals and we put much time, effort & money into sourcing the highest quality food – yet we eat dinner every day in the living room infront of the television. Mindless eating. No doubt eating more that we should since we are distracted.

Ray and I decided that Monday – Friday, meals will be eaten in the kitchen. Sitting together, no television, no iPads & no phones. Just us, focusing on eating nourishing foods. (eventually I hope to get weekend meals more formalized too – but baby-steps!!)

It’s ok to not be perfect because, perfect does not exist. And if you keep thinking that perfection is your end destination, you’ll be sadly let down because perfect keeps changing over time. All that we can do is Better Than Yesterday. All those better days add up to a simply amazing life.

I challenge all of you to stop eating mindlessly and eat only consciously.

And when you can’t eat consciously, consider missing a meal. 95% of the time you are only desiring to eat at a specified meal time because you’ve developed a conditioned addiction based on a pre-established timeline. Trust me, you are not truly starving or even physically hungry 4 hours after your last meal – it’s 100% in your head.

In fasting for 12 days, not one single time did we experience physical hunger, only the emotional desire to eat. Our success fasting is completely based on our ability to realize the difference between physical and emotional hunger. I want that for you too.