January Water Fasting: Day #3January Water Fasting: Day #3Tuesday, Day #3: I woke up at 4:30 am with a POUNDING headache and lower back pain. I felt awful, all of which is to be expected when fasting.

My stats today were improved Morning BG 126, & Afternoon BG 86, Ketones 1.7 and I lost another -3.2 pounds (total fasting weight loss -11.5 pounds)

Fasting isn’t an easy journey and for some reason this fast seems to be initially a little tougher on my body than my previous fasts, or perhaps it’s just that I paying more attention to the small signs.

(Tomorrow Day #4, I’ll talk more about my back pain for those of you whom may be worried)

I’ve come to truly love my morning cup of warm lemon water – I’ll even bruise a little fresh mint and add it in as a pretty garnish. I hand squeeze a 1/2 a lemon in to a mug, then add about 1/2 room temp water then fill the rest of the mug with boiling water. It’s important to remember that if you do not have organic lemons, just add the juice and not the juiced rind. While organic is important, even for me organic lemons are often hard to find outside of big cities.

One thing that I wanted to mention that happened late on day #2 that I didn’t mention previously, was that SURPRISE! I got my Period (sorry if it’s TMI, trust me it’s relevant) And here’s the thing, I realized that every time I start water fasting, on day #2 I get my period, no matter where I am in my cycle. (pre-water fasting, my cycle has always been a very reliable 28 days, although I do have some hormonal imbalance. I have not been on any birth control for roughly 7 years) Is it my body trying to fix something? detoxing? I don’t know. Do you have any idea?

I survived my first out-in-public test. I went to the grocery store for more mineral water, lemons and herbal tea. While I wasn’t overwhelmed being around a plethora of food, I did almost buy a pineapple, telling myself that it would be acceptable to infuse water with sliced pineapple while fasting, perhaps even beneficial… instead I got a cucumber and some mint, since I’m suddenly not enjoying drinking water and need to kick up my consumption, maybe infusing some flavor would help. Then I went to Target to return a few things and the smell of Starbucks coffee was very tempting (while I rarely do the Starbucks thing, I do miss my winter cup of morning coffee) by I resisted.

Driving along past so many food-everywhere-anytime options was actually the hardest part of leaving the house, you don’t realize how often eating is pushed upon us, no wonder the average person over eats and has such a hard time resisting temptation – unhealthy food is everywhere.

Today I also decided that I was going to be more flexible with allowing myself hot herbal teas during my fast. I am getting increasingly cold and it’s in the 20’s outside, I need something warm to drink… and I’m already getting tired of drinking my beloved water. And I realized that I don’t enjoy cold mineral water, I need to be room temperature now.

As Tuesday went on I did feel pretty darn good by the evening my headache was gone, and I had too much energy to go to sleep at my normal 9 pm and stayed up until almost 11 pm.

Isn’t it ironic that fasting will actually give you MORE energy instead of less?