January Water Fast - day #2January Water Fast - day #2

It’s day #2 of my January Water Fast and I really want a cup of coffee. I’m not a habitual coffee drinker but I do enjoy a cup in the winter, especially on a cold morning like today.

My first day (yesterday) was uneventful, I drank roughly 1.5 gallons of water total and hope to do roughly the same today. I have had a nagging headache since yesterday afternoon and expect it to linger today & tomorrow. I did take 4 teaspoons of Magnesium and things are ‘moving’ along nicely.

Speaking of “moving along” I’m considering adding in a few coffee enemas this week. I know many of you are like, No Way! But I’ve done them previously while juice fasting for 45 days and once you get over the icky-mental-part they really aren’t a big deal at all. It’s just poop people, we all poop.

Talk about 2 controversial topics; Enemas and Fasting all here in one post – that’s my life.

With just 36 hours of fasting, I’m already at .6 ketones, which I think is pretty fab. And the scale is -8.3 pounds (mostly glycogen stores and food that moved through, don’t get too excited peeps!) none the less, any downward movement of the scale is a good thing for me.

The one tool that I feel EVERYONE should be using consistently as a part of their health preventative routine is a Blood Glucose Monitor. They aren’t just for people who have diabetes – measuring your blood glucose throughout the day is an awesome way to track how your body responds to the foods you eat. (and more importantly identifying what you are doing/eating isn’t working towards your health goals!)

The monitor that I use is both a blood glucose and ketone monitor. Monitoring your blood ketones is the most reliable method if you are eating a ketogenic diet, while the ketone strips are notoriously expensive these are the least cost prohibitive. While fasting I check my BG every morning and evening, ideally I want both reading to be in the 70/80s. (Day #1: am-146/pm-86, Day #2: am-136)

My fasting blood glucose readings will greatly influence when I stop my fast as well. I want this fast to be a catalyst to help reset my insulin resistance and allow me a clean slate to resume healthy eating, which I will monitor closely to see what impacts my BG readings.

To learn more about how fasting is the most efficient and effective way to impact your blood glucose/insulin resistance check out the Intensive Dietary Management Blog by Dr. Jason Fung