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Why I'm Not Selling Essential Oils AnymoreWhy I'm Not Selling Essential Oils Anymore

Today it’s practically impossible to scan through your Facebook feed and not see at least one post about Essential Oils. Whether it’s a new treatment for an illness, essential oils workshop or god-for-bid another post sharing their amazing business opportunity, I just want to scream!

Am I the only one who’s fed up?

Don’t get me wrong, I honestly love and use essential oils in my home and I am even signed up as a distributor for one the the big MLM companies. Heck – I have my diffuser going right now with peppermint and grapefruit, one of my favorite combos!! But it doesn’t change my disgust with how oversaturated the internet is with Essential Oils, right now!

Every Tom, Dick & Harry is an EO expert these days!

When I became interested in EO’s I didn’t immediately become an expert, I didn’t host workshops – and after over a year of using them in my home, I’m still no where near qualified. Having this blog, writing cookbooks, running our homestead and generally living life hasn’t left much time for studying essential oils usage & safety beyond my as-need areas of focus.

While there are honest people out there that are knowledgeable and are awesome resources, they are rare the on EO over-saturated internet.

For those of you who are reading this that are truly knowledgable, this isn’t about you! Keep on sharing the give of healthy & wellness!

My problem is with the people who have previously represented themselves as a trustworthy voice in the healthy living movement, but now their motivation behind what they share is solely based upon Building a Business.

I’m curious of how so many people who buy into a business become immediately knowledgable enough to share post after post of solutions to nearly every problem/illness… there just isn’t enough time for them to have proven all of those effective in their own lives!

Having a book about EOs, does not an expert make!

When what has actually happened is that they are in many cases just regurgitating what they’ve read somewhere else as being effective. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it happens all the time…… It’s actually kind of funny, if anyone comes close to stealing another person’s recipe they get so upset, yet, there’s never anyone upset when they share the exact same EO formulation/solution! (There’s a common thought that there’s lots of business to go around)

I began separating myself from EOs on my blog right after posting about my Homemade Aromatherapy Necklaces — I was actually asked by other EO enthusiasts to share additional details with them so that they could in-turn write their own posts and even sell their own necklaces, in competition with mine on Etsy. Yes, they even had the nerve to ask where I bought my supplies cheaply so that they could price theirs the same! It wasn’t long after that, I closed down my Etsy store and started to really reconsider the type of circle I am running in.

Unfortunately, there are so many well-intending people who are sharing EOs because they are bringing in BIG money right now and not because they are authentically experienced.  It’s plain and simple economics. Some people are more motivated by money than others, that’s why I’ll never be rich! 🙂

I also want to be clear that I don’t think it’s WRONG to profit from your passions or from sharing EOs as a business. I make money on my blog with ads, sponsored content, affiliate programs, etc… and have, made money from EOs but feel that the over saturation of EOs by the masses has taken away from those whom are truly experts.

My husband and I alway laugh when we see  a post about chickens written by someone who, we know for a fact, doesn’t have chickens and has never had chickens. But because raising back yard chickens are a popular topic, they pulled together information and wrote a post on it, representing that they have experience, just to get traffic to their site. Things like this happen all the time, and we’re seeing the same sort of thing occur with EOs too.

Often we are seeing people well known for their amazing food are now transitioning their blogs to containing mostly EO posts, selling EOs is more profitable than sharing a recipe – be cautious!! There is no way someone can be authentically using/testing numerous solutions in such a short period of time. And since for many of us, this is part of our profession, we’ve gotta pay our bills too so I truly do understand how difficult the struggle is to find a middle ground that’s representative of your voice and still pays the bills. 

Another beef I have with the EO movement, is that many people are looking to them for a quick fix. Never actually dealing with the underlying cause. While I’m confident EOs can be highly beneficial for many issues and have used them with great success in my own life, I cannot believe most of the health claims that are being made. There is no part of aromatherapy alone that will make you healthy, however it can be beneficial as a part of an otherwise healthy lifestyle.  (and again, just being honest, most of the EO things I’ve tried out have failed more often than succeeded)

Although I have made money through offering EOs on HSITK,  I’ve decided to separate myself from the company I was a part of… I don’t have anything against the company and will still continue to use their oils myself but not be promoting them here on my blog.

2015 is all about taking the time to strategically think about what is important to me and my space here on the internet. I’ve decided that there are areas inwhich I am willing to relax my perfectionism to help empower YOU to keep making better choices and not be scared to be less than perfect. Instead just keep doing BETTER every day. Not everyone is ready to go totally crunchy and make their own deodorant, many of you just want know what brand to grab at Target that’s a better choice, right?

And part of this transition is, transitioning away from having an EO business associated with Health Starts in the Kitchen.

Will I still occasionally talk about EOs? Yes, but only in a very authentic voice. With solutions and blends that I am really using in my life and have found to be beneficial. Most likely they will be included as apart of a bigger theme – I’ve been working on a post sharing the things I have done to improve the quality and duration of my sleep, aromatherapy plays a part, as an example.

What about the EO posts already on HSITK? I’m temporarily linking them to this post while I update those that I still want to have as a part of my voice. Some may not return if I feel they are no longer a representation of the message I want to share with you. There has also been legal issues associated with using certain language pertaining to the use of EOs that I need to modify, i.e. our government is overstepping their boundaries and I can’t run a successful blog from jail 🙂

What EOs do I recommend? I believe that quality matters and there are many quality brands to choose from, including but not limited to the MLMs. I’ll continue to use the brand I’ve been using but I will also continue to try out other brands and I’m not opposed to using any specific brand even if it’s been poised as a competitor, I’ve never been one that felt that the brand I sold was the end-all supreme choice, it was more-so a quality brand that what was the most economical with being a distributor.

We are all in this healthy-journey together and I authentically have your best interest at heart. I don’t want to persuade you to purchase a brand only because I sell them, it’s not fair to you. And that’s not me being my authentic self.

The best part about blogging, is that this is a place for my voice. A place to genuinely share my opinion and have this space reflect my views. If you are upset by what I have said, I am very sorry that we have a different outlooks on this subject.

Why I'm No Longer Selling Essential OilsWhy I'm No Longer Selling Essential Oils