I have very-very long hair (just a couple inches shy of my waist) and You all know that I’m obsessed with natural health… You don’t have to sacrifice being beautiful just because you’ve gone natural! You can be natural and beautiful too!

My hair is dark brown, nearly black and it been over 2 years since I’ve used any toxic substance on my hair. Yes that includes not coloring my hair either… Yes Gasp, I’m letting my gray hair grow in naturally and I’m so proud of my choice. Everyone thinks I have highlights ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since my hair is long and dark… I focus on keeping it shiny and tangle-free. I’ve researched all the different natural methods to natural hair care… Tried all the different forms of “no-poo” (aka no shampoo) and several natural commercially produced shampoos and conditioners. Everyone is different and I’ve found 3 things to keep my hair looking amazing while natural…

1. Comb my dry hair before washing with a natural wood comb. Your hair is at its most fragile state when wet, so I like to get out any tangles before I wash.. And using a natural wood comb helps to distribute oils throughout your hair, which keeps it healthier. I only use natural wood comb or boar bristle brushes on my hair.

2. Wash my hair with Kirk’s Castile Bar Soap, which is also my body and face wash soap also! I just rub the bar in my hands and rub on my roots, I don’t wash the length of my hair… Just the roots. Then rinse well…

3. Use diluted organic white vinegar as a conditioning rinse, leave on your hair a little while then rinse out. (Just don’t get it in your eyes and don’t worry the vinegar smell will dissipate when your hair drys) My recipe for dilution is from trial and error as to what works best for my hair, I keep vinegar in a recycled pump bottle in the shower, I pump 10 times into a recycled ketchup bottle and then fill with water, shake and pour over my hair.

My silky-shiny hair secrets are also super cheap!